SwipeRevealLayout / Slideable List


A layout that you can swipe/slide to show another layout.



Demo all

Drag mode

Drag mode normal:
Demo normal

Drag mode same_level:
Demo same


  • Flexible, easy to use with RecyclerView, ListView or any view that requires view binding.
  • Four drag edges (left, right, top, bottom).
  • Two drag modes:
    • Normal (the secondary view is underneath the main view).
    • Same level (the secondary view sticks to the edge of the main view).
  • Able to open one row at a time.
  • Minimum api level 9.



dependencies {
    compile 'com.chauthai.swipereveallayout:swipe-reveal-layout:1.4.0'

Layout file


        <!-- Your secondary layout here -->
            android:layout_height="match_parent" />

        <!-- Your main layout here -->
            android:layout_height="match_parent" />


app:mode can be normal or same_level

app:dragEdge can be left, right, top or bottom

Use with RecyclerView, ListView, GridView…

In your Adapter class:
public class Adapter extends RecyclerView.Adapter {
  // This object helps you save/restore the open/close state of each view
  private final ViewBinderHelper viewBinderHelper = new ViewBinderHelper();

  public Adapter() {
    // uncomment the line below if you want to open only one row at a time
    // viewBinderHelper.setOpenOnlyOne(true);

  public void onBindViewHolder(ViewHolder holder, int position) {
    // get your data object first.
    YourDataObject dataObject = mDataSet.get(position); 

    // Save/restore the open/close state.
    // You need to provide a String id which uniquely defines the data object.
    viewBinderHelper.bind(holder.swipeRevealLayout, dataObject.getId()); 

    // do your regular binding stuff here
Optional, to restore/save the open/close state when the device’s orientation is changed:
Adapter class:
public class YourAdapter extends RecyclerView.Adapter {

  public void saveStates(Bundle outState) {

  public void restoreStates(Bundle inState) {
Activity class:
public class YourActivity extends Activity {

  protected void onSaveInstanceState(Bundle outState) {
      if (adapter != null) {

  protected void onRestoreInstanceState(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
      if (adapter != null) {

Useful Methods/Attributes

app:minDistRequestDisallowParent: The minimum distance (in px or dp) to the closest drag edge that the SwipeRevealLayout will disallow the parent to intercept touch event. It basically means the minimum distance to swipe until a RecyclerView (or something similar) cannot be scrolled.

setSwipeListener(SwipeListener swipeListener): set the listener for the layout. You can use the full interface SwipeListeneror a simplified listener class SimpleSwipeListener

open(boolean animation), close(boolean animation): open/close the layout. If animation is set to false, the listener will not be called.

isOpened(), isClosed(): check if the layout is fully opened or closed.

setMinFlingVelocity(int velocity): set the minimum fling velocity (dp/sec) to cause the layout to open/close.

setDragEdge(int edge): Change the edge where the layout can be dragged from.

setLockDrag(boolean lock): If set to true, the user cannot drag/swipe the layout.

viewBinderHelper.lockSwipe(String... id), viewBinderHelper.unlockSwipe(String... id): Lock/unlock layouts which are binded to the binderHelper.

viewBinderHelper.setOpenOnlyOne(boolean openOnlyOne): If openOnlyOne is set to true, you can only open one row at a time.

viewBinderHelper.openLayout(String id): Open a layout. id is the id of the data object which is bind to the layout.

viewBinderHelper.closeLayout(String id): Close a layout. id is the id of the data object which is bind to the layout.


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