Configure FileZilla FTP Server on XAMPP

If you included FileZilla FTP Server on your XAMPP installation then this how you can configure your FTP server along side with XAMPP. For now on this tutorial we will setup FileZilla FTP Server on a basic level like setting up users and groups, folder permissions and server settings.

Open XAMPP interface then enable FileZilla by clicking Start.

Once FileZilla is running click Admin to start FileZilla admin interface.

Open FileZilla FTP Server by default it doesn’t have any password or leave the password blank and we will setup the password later as we continue, in regards with server address you may set the address to localhost, or your computer’s local IP Address, on my computer it’s


Click Edit then select Settings.

On General settings leave the default settings unless you you want to change it.

On Welcome message which is optional you may put a welcome message, basically this welcome message will show up when users log in to FileZilla FTP Server. Welcome message only works if user access it thru windows default ftp command by command prompt and if user use a ftp client program, if someone access it using a web browser no welcome message will show up.

On Miscellaneous I enable Start minimized, it means that every time FileZilla FTP Sever starts will automatically go to system tray.

On Admin interface settings you may change the port to access your FileZilla admin interface, underneath you may change the password as well, make sure that when you set the password it should have a good key combinations however easy to remember, as admin you don’t access your server everyday so if you forgot your password you have to reinstall and configure it from scratch.

On Logging settings you should enable it to know the activity of your FTP server, the settings are very straight forward, I’ve enabled limit the log file to 100kb which means that If it reaches 100kb it split the logs and make another one as it continue to log – log file with a very large size can cause your server to freeze so to avoid it splitting the file is recommend especially if you have a high usage FTP server. in addition to that you may enable logging a log file on a daily bases as well.

Basically Autoban will ban users after a number of failed attempts to access the FTP server and won’t be able to access the server on the number of hours assigned by the admin.


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